Language Models

Our Pre-trained language models understand your data. It can identify important keywords, entities from your text data and understands sentiment around it.
Custom models can be trained easily to understand your domain specific data. All models can be run from your own environment without reaching out to any cloud services, keeping you data private.

Social media monitoring

Keep an eye on what are people talking about you. Find which products and services are being mentioned and what are your customer’s sentiment towards them

Find Answers

Find answers for your natural language questions

Our Question answering system can read from large amount of text data and almost any document type to find the relevant answers for all the questions you have. We can read from various data sources like SharePoint, Cloud Storage providers, NoSQL Databases and APIs to find the answers you are looking for.

Analyse Feedback

Our Models helps analyse responses finding entities, keywords and related sentiments. This is a great way to gather feedback without restricting users to multiple choice questions