With bots that under stand natural language, your customers need to learn nothing new, cause machines do all the learning.

Language, data, patterns, interactions; Punctuations Chatbot framework packs in all of these to come up with precise answers and accurate recommendations

Educate / Engage / Explore

Bots can quickly guide and educate users about product features, how to guides. When you notice that users have spent too much time on a page, bots can offer help.

When interacting with users bots can conduct surveys to gather insights for your products and services.

Rich Media Answers

Use rich media to communicate with your customers.

Fetch data from various sources and combine results to come up with consise answers.

Use cards, charts, images, video and links to guide users towards what they are looking for.

Drive users through your sales funnel using various call to actions

Use a consistent touch point stratergy across web, phone and social

Users interact with your business across several channels. We ensure that they get consistently good experience across all your channels


Ask open ended questions to understand your audience better

AI helps analyse responses finding entities, keywords and related sentiments. This is a great way to gather feedback without restricting users to multiple choice questions.

Connect to your data

Our bots connect to wherever your data lives and allows creating rich answers based on data fetched from several systems.

  • SQL Databases
  • REST API sources
  • Salesforce
  • Elasticsearch
  • Mongodb
  • Email
  • Sharepoint / Teams
  • Documents
  • Document stores like box, dropbox, google drive, one drive
  • … and many more