Making image, audio and video data accessible to all

Your AI can now see. Its limits are determined only by what you decide to show it.


Detect people, brands, vehicles and objects in images. Convert your camera into a stream of events that can be acted upon


Your business may need very specific items to be detected. Our AI experts work with you to create models that detect and raise events.

Set rules

AI Vision provides a comprehensive rules engine that allows integration with other systems as well as raising alerts as needed.


Automate what should be done when your camera detects an action. This can send alerts, take corrective action

Our AI vision product is able to extra entities, keywords, relations and sentiment from audio, video and images
We can ingest data from thousands of hours of call logs and surveillance footage to make them available for quick analysis. Go directly to parts of your video that are of interest.
AI vision can also analyse images and go over people, faces, brands and entities in an image and help you understand the content of your images or videos

Face detection and recognition

Detect various points on a human face and use this in augmented reality solutions.

Detect persons of interest in images and video and label them for analysis. Each persons face has several unique features and we detect and use these facial landmarks to recognize people. These landmarks do not change as a person ages, different angles or orientation of images. This allows AI Vision to recognize humans with close to human like accuracy

Document Analysis

AI Vision allows businesses to analyse their data from images and documents. It can be easily connected to a variety of cloud storage providers like Box, Drop Box, S3 bucket etc. It can also be configured to read data from your emails, APIs and SFTP servers..

It can read invoices, PDF Reports, ID Proofs etc and creates a structured query-able datasets which can be accessed in the form of intelligent reports from web dashboard or can be configured to send periodic reports in email. 

Case study: Modern trade analysis / Brand detection

Image data analysis of over 50k stores that took a 15 people team over 2 days to complete is now done in less than 5 seconds. AI vision is able to detect brands, promotional material and competition in the images. This is a great way to make sure stores are using shelf space optimally.